500 pastors trained - 50,000 impacted!


5 seminars, each two days in length.  Approximately 100 pastors are expected, along with their spouses and elders. Day 1 covers "Godly Marriage".  Day 2 is about "Raising Godly Children".  Our goal is to give pastors what they need, in order to be effective in the ministry.  A close walk with God, a good marriage and children following the Lord are essential.

Those 500 pastors will then teach 50,000 people in their churches.  Talk about a great EROI - Eternal Return On Investment!

A few days ago, we delivered our first seminar and the response was overwhelmingly positive!  My translator, who is also a pastor, called the senior pastor for our next seminar and told him that he must personally contact each pastor who was planning to attend and insist that they bring their spouses and elders, because this seminar was so important.

Each time I have spoken I have taught practical ways for men to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  What I didn't expect was the laughter.  Absolute delight from the women who were present, as they vigorously nodded their heads in agreement.  Giggles - yes giggles - and sometimes gales of laughter, as the men realized what they had been doing wrong and what women really wanted from them.

Frankly, the response has taken me by surprise.  I am teaching the most basic Biblical truths for happy marriages.  But clearly, these truths are revolutionary for this area.


Dr. Vance

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