Helping Pastors and Teachers - Survey Results from 1000 People

First, thank you for the time you gave taking this survey.  I know you are busy, but please know that your input will bless others.  These results are going into a seminar that I am building for pastors, teachers, professors and chaplains around the world. 

This is the second follow up to the survey “What would you tell Pastors and Teachers” and the results have changed quite a bit. 

I asked pastors, teachers, professors, chaplains, and those on staff with a ministry to take the survey.  The first results were when over 500 people had responded to the survey.  Now we have had over 1000 respond and more results keep coming in.

I’d like to give you the results to date.

Question #1          0 = boring, 50 = O.K., 100 = exciting.  The average rating was 54 or O.K.

Question #3 - What is the one thing that pastors/teachers/professors/chaplains must do to be exciting speakers?

This question was fill in, so I took the answers (from all 1000 respondents) and grouped them into 14 major areas.  Here is the definition for each area as they appear in order on the chart:

Personal = Live what you preach, speak from the heart, speak from personal conviction and use personal experience in your messages, be transparent and honest with your audience.

Dependence = Dependence upon God, time spent in prayer, be filled with the Holy Spirit, guided by the Holy Spirit, have an intimate relationship with God.

Passion = Preach passionately, inspire and challenge your audience.

Relevant = Make your content relevant to where your people are, use real life applications.

Connect = Connect with those to whom you preach, love them, know the people to whom you speak so that you understand them.

Content = Know Scripture intimately, keep learning and growing so that you feed people from the truth of God, master the content.

Bible = The Bible must be the central message, teach it and it alone.

Not Excitement = It is not about being exciting.

Preparation = Spend the time to be ready, plan and prepare.

Stories = Use illustrations and stories to make things come alive.

Clear = Make your message easily accessible to your audience.

Truth = Preach the truth, plain and simple.

Body = Use more of your body, vocal variety, gestures and eye contact.

God = Speak what God gives you

Here is the graph:

Please comment down below.  Let me know how this information will help your ministry.



Dr. Vance Hardisty

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