Never do these things - I did all 4 on Sunday - It wasn't good


Confession time.  

So I spoke at the first church and the pastor liked my message so much he asked me to speak in his place at a neighboring church that afternoon.  I agreed.

We had guests who had just flown in from East Asia, so the afternoon was terribly rushed. I arrived at the second church about 5 to 10 minutes before the service began, and that's why the problems began.  I gave the media guy my screen program, they pointed out where my mic was, and I waited to be announced. 

Since I had very little time to talk to the pastor ahead of time, he knew very little about me an was not able to tell people why I was speaking.

Because I was not able to do a complete sound check, my opening illustration, which had so powerfully captured the audience in the morning, was interrupted 3 times because the sound wasn't working correctly.

Because I didn't do a media check, they couldn't get the computer to work with my presentation, so I was interrupted all the way through and the ending song, built into my presentation, and which was the climax, wouldn't play.

I actually made four major mistakes, all of which I knew never to make, but made them anyway, and as a result, I got in the way of the Holy Spirit and the message he wanted to use with the audience.  Yes, the Lord still moved and people were blessed, but, it could have been so much more powerful.

So, please don't make these same mistakes.



Dr. Vance Hardisty

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