The Lesson of the Icicle


Just outside the window of the house where I was working, God placed a very powerful visual lesson.  

The Icicle.

In a brief moment God showed me how as leaders he fills us, strengthens us and equips us to minister to others.

Every day, the weather would warm, some of the snow would melt and the water would trickle down those icicles and drip to the ground.  But as evening closed in and the temperature dropped, the drops of water moved slower and slower until they would no longer make it to the ground but freeze to the icicle, making it longer and stronger.

Two very clear lessons.

First, as we spend time with God each day, he drip feeds us, bit by bit, strengthening us for the task at hand.  If we fail to spend time with Him, listening to the voice of His Spirit, we miss on the blessing that God has for us.

Second, the drops only form on the icicle when the weather is very cold.  It is in the times of struggle, when the way is not clear, when it seems that God has stepped away from us, that the most important lessons in our lives are learned.  I don't know why it is that we, as humans, learn the most and most quickly when times are tough, but that is the way with most of us.  So, the next time when the way gets rough, know that God is building, molding and shaping you.

The lesson of the Icicle!



Dr. Vance Hardisty


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