THREE things in your life tell people LISTEN or DON'T LISTEN


Before you speak, there are three things in your life that tell people whether they should listen to what you have to say or disregard you entirely:

Your walk with God;

Your marriage;

Your children.

If your walk with God is a struggle, or you are in rebellion...

If your marriage is poor and you and your spouse do not get along...

If your children have rebelled against your teachings and do not follow the Lord...

Then people will sense the disconnect between what you are saying with your mouth and what your life is saying, and not pay attention.

Leaders will argue that their walk with God, their marriage and their children are all in their private life and are not anybody's business.  But that is never true.  People know what is happening in those three areas by watching you, your reactions, your body language, your spouse and his/her reactions to you, your children's lives and your children's reactions to you.  By looking at those things, they already know all the good or bad things that go on behind the scenes in your life.  

No, they don't know the details, but they do know if your life's story behind closed doors, matches the gospel that you are preaching in public.  They sense it subconsciously.  If it matches, they listen.  If it doesn't, they don't.  It is that simple.

You know if your life matches the words that you are preaching.  If it does not, then stop, take time off, set aside time each day - whatever is needed - to change the parts of your life that aren't working.


Dr. Vance

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