Everyone Wants to be Unique and Outstanding


Everyone wants to be unique, outstanding.

The path to be this way is not easy, nor obvious.  Our culture gives us every opportunity to be part of the herd, part of the crowd, just like everyone else.  

But deep inside, we know we were created to be unique, to have a special task, to accomplish something no one else can. We know this! And God confirms it.  When we become His child, and he places His Spirit within us, he blends who He is with who we are and all that together brings us to the place of uniqueness.  

In that place, God has tasks that can be only fulfilled by us.  If you would be one of those who is set apart, then you must fully embrace Galatians 2:20 as your starting point.  My wife and I use this verse to guide our decisions and in so doing, we find ourselves thinking, acting, living differently than just about everyone else. No other concept has the power to make you more remarkable, for all eternity, than this.



Dr. Vance Hardisty

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