Wash HER feet! Seriously!


So, we are all supposed to stay home because of this virus. Want a happy marriage? Here's something your wife will love AND you can do this for her while staying at home! 

Gentlemen, you may think I'm crazy, but I want you to consider two things:

First, God calls us husbands to love our wives.  Please notice that no where in Scripture does it say that our wives are to love us.  That doesn't mean they shouldn't, it just means that God doesn't call them to do so.  However, God does call husbands to love their wives.

Second, in John 17, we have an incredible example of what it means to love.  Christ, our leader and Lord, humbled himself and washed his disciple's feet because He loved them so much.

So, if you love your wife...

and if you are following the example of Christ...

I would ask you to take the time to wash your wife's feet.

Lay out some nice soap, lotion and a soft towel.  Get a big, warm bowl of water, and ask your wife to sit down in a chair.  Then, get down on your knees.  When she asks what you are doing, tell her that you want to be a loving husband, and this is one way you can show her your love.  Then pick up each foot gently and put it in the bowl and wash and dry it.  When you are done washing both feet, gently apply some lotion.  

After everything is finished, give her a kiss and tell her how much you love her, then clean everything up.

I promise you, your wife will be delighted!


Dr. Vance



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