Everyone Wants to be Unique and Outstanding

Sep 12, 2018

Everyone wants to be unique, outstanding.

The path to be this way is not easy, nor obvious.  Our culture gives us every opportunity to be part of the herd, part of the crowd, just like everyone else.  

But deep inside, we know we were created to be unique, to have a special task, to accomplish something no one else can. We know this! And God confirms it.  When we become His child, and he places His Spirit within us, he blends who He is with who we are and all that together brings us to the place of uniqueness.  

In that place, God has tasks that can be only fulfilled by us.  If you would be one of those who is set apart, then you must fully embrace Galatians 2:20 as your starting point.  My wife and I use this verse to guide our decisions and in so doing, we find ourselves thinking, acting, living differently than just about everyone else. No other concept has the power to make you more remarkable, for all eternity, than this.




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Creativity surprises people INTO attention

Sep 05, 2018

Pastors, Teachers - It is too easy to settle into the familiar with our presentations.  Same basic message, same basic stance, tone of voice, position on stage, beginning and ending - all the same - week after week, year after year.  

Though our people will be gracious and some will listen, we take the risk of losing many, especially teens.  As humans, our brains crave surprise, newness, the unknown.  It is what stimulates us to pay attention, to hear where we don't normally hear, to see with different eyes.  

That is the role of creativity, and it is a MUST for those of us who present the Word of God.  If people don't remember what we say, then why are we speaking?

Creativity jars our audience OUT of the mundane and surprises them INTO attention. Here are three simple ways you can be creative.

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Originality. A MUST for influence. A lightning rod for push back!

Aug 28, 2018

 Originality. A MUST for influence and impact! If you don't have it, you are in danger of simply repeating what everyone else says and doing what everyone else does.  Through the simple process of challenging yourself to see things with a different lens, you can grip people with original thought.

HOWEVER originality also gets a lot of push back from your people if not done right.  They don't want to think differently, they don't want to have their assumptions challenged.  But challenge them is part of your job description.  It is what Christ did.

Here are 3 things you must know and how to overcome people's push back for maximum impact.


Dr. Vance Hardisty

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Why do people change? Emotion, not intellect.

Aug 21, 2018

When we preach the word of God we do so most often appealing to the intellect of our audience.  We want them to study, II Timothy 2:15, reason, Acts 17:2 and then make a decision for change, either to stop doing something wrong they are doing or start doing something good that they aren't doing.  

And yet there was a reason why Jesus used story telling constantly in his ministry.  Jesus knew that while he could give people reasons, which he did, they would not make decisions until they "felt" like it, or until their emotions were involved.  As a result, he used stories, the greatest tool for tapping into people's emotions.

A few years ago, neuroscientist, Antonio Demasio, made a groundbreaking discovery. He studied people with damage in the part of the brain where emotions are generated. While they seemed normal in most instances, they were not able to feel emotions. As a result, they all had something peculiar in common: they...

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Discipline - We Hate it, We Love it - Here's how to get it!

Aug 15, 2018

How do you accomplish the impossible?

God's power



Here's 3 steps to get discipline in your own life and the 3 steps you must teach others in order for them to have a disciplined life.

Many years ago Richard Foster wrote the classic The Celebration Of Discipline.  It was not a book that I wanted to read.  I thought it would be laborious, judgmental, frustrating and leave me with a terrible case of "I'm a loser".   

None of that occurred.  In fact, the book became one of my favorite.  A book that pointed the way to freedom, power and accomplishment in life.  

These 3 steps are the start.  Without these three, you will never engage in a disciplined life and without that type of life you cannot hope to accomplish what God has called you to do and be.



Dr. Vance

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The Gift of Vision!

Aug 07, 2018

Vision.  Not yours for them.  

But giving people the ability to have their own vision.  

This is THE GREATEST gift you can give to your people.  I promise.  It will change their lives and the lives of all who know them - forever.

But, it is not only a gift, but it is your responsibility.  You must paint such a vivid picture of how their lives and the lives of all those who know them, would change.  How it would change if they were willing to live a life filled with God's vision.



Dr. Vance Hardisty 

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4 Guaranteed Way To Regain Your Audience - When You've Lost Them - Shot in Delhi, India

Jul 31, 2018

We all like to think that we can keep our audiences spellbound with our preaching and teaching.  But, no matter how good you are, no matter how many years you've been teaching, there will be times when you look down into the audience and see people nodding off, distracted, whispering or surfing the net.

To continue the way you have been going means that you waste their time and yours because frankly they are not going to remember anything more that you say.  

What can you do?

Here are 4 very simple methods for regaining your audience.  4 simple ways to go from boring to "What did he just say?!!"

May you use these to more effectively communicate our Lord's gospel.



Dr. Vance Hardisty


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THE foundation for impact! It really ISN"T about us.

Jul 24, 2018

We've read it.  

We've taught it.

But do we actually realize the power of humility.  Demonstrated humility.  Humility in action.

I was in Punjab, working with about 150 pastors and what the Lord led me to do changed everything.



Dr. Vance Hardisty

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Change Your Filters

Jul 19, 2018

How many times do we allow our surroundings to dictate our emotions, perception and attitudes?  

And yet, if we look closely, the only reason the problems and garbage of life so impact us is because we are making life all about us - our comfort, our desires, our expectations.  The result is a frustrating and self focused life.  The cure?  simply changing our filters through which we view our circumstances.  

If we are willing to change our filters we will change our lives.

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The LAST and MOST IMPORTANT lesson Jesus ever taught

Jun 20, 2018

Jesus thought this was so important that with just a few hours left to live, he didn't just teach the disciples, he demonstrated it.  

If Jesus thought servant leadership was that important, I think it is fair to step back and say, we teach it, preach it but do we live it each and every day.  I know that it is not something that we can take for granted.  Our society, our humanity, everything around us screams that being a servant is crazy, yet Christ, at death's door challenged the heart of the world's system.

Are we willing to take a long hard and honest look at ourselves and ask, "Are we being obedient to the calling and example of Christ?"



Dr. Vance Hardisty

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