Want people to change when you speak? Here's how!

Aug 07, 2019

So often:

We want people to change.

We hope that people change.

We teach them the truth.

We pray for them.

And sometimes people change.

But there is an easier and more direct way of doing things.

This is it.


Dr. Vance

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Dynamic powerful communication MUST change the listener

Jul 31, 2019

Effective preaching is not just about giving people the facts of Scripture. 

Effective preaching is not just about using great stories so that people remember the facts you have given them. 

Effective preaching and teaching must be coupled with application in such a way that the hearer is changed.  

This is our responsibility so that we work hand in hand with the Holy Spirit.


Dr. Vance

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Why do people change? Emotion, not intellect.

Aug 21, 2018

When we preach the word of God we do so most often appealing to the intellect of our audience.  We want them to study, II Timothy 2:15, reason, Acts 17:2 and then make a decision for change, either to stop doing something wrong they are doing or start doing something good that they aren't doing.  

And yet there was a reason why Jesus used story telling constantly in his ministry.  Jesus knew that while he could give people reasons, which he did, they would not make decisions until they "felt" like it, or until their emotions were involved.  As a result, he used stories, the greatest tool for tapping into people's emotions.

A few years ago, neuroscientist, Antonio Demasio, made a groundbreaking discovery. He studied people with damage in the part of the brain where emotions are generated. While they seemed normal in most instances, they were not able to feel emotions. As a result, they all had something peculiar in common: they...

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4 Keys to Ignite Desire for Change in Your Audience

Apr 11, 2018

Why do we do what we do?  Why do we preach, teach, share the good news of the gospel?  Because we long to see people's lives change.  For those who know Christ, we want them to be more like Christ each day.  For those who do not yet know Christ, we want them to realize their need for a Savior.

In all, our desire is for change in the lives of people.  Most people are resistant to change, and so here are 4 keys that will ignite the desire for change in your audience.

May God bless you richly,


Dr. Vance Hardisty

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