Can you take it?

Nov 28, 2018

Can you take constructive input - or does it bug you?

Great leaders know who they are and what they are called to do.  Other people's input, constructive criticism and sometimes, just plain criticism only makes them better and stronger.

The reason?  They know that they are really only speaking and presenting for an audience of one.  Our Lord Jesus Christ.  And, if they have listened closely to the Holy Spirit, worked hard and given it their best, they know that God is satisfied.  And if He is satisfied, then what else matters?

That doesn't mean they don't listen to others, who might have a different perspective, in order to become better at what they do.  In fact, great leaders know they will never be the best at what they do.  They can always get better, they can always learn.  

So, in reality, they look forward to people's comments.  Not just the ones that say they were wonderful, but the ones that point out where they could do a better...

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