Living for an audience of One!

Sep 26, 2019

Why do you do what you do? WRONG question!  For whom do you do what you do? RIGHT question!

As Pastors, Teachers, Chaplains, we are taught to prepare for our audience, so much so that they can become the focus.  

They are only secondary to the one for whom we should be doing everything.  It takes an intentional effort to live our lives so that we live for an audience of One.


Dr. Vance


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His comment to last week's video was spot on!

Aug 21, 2019

Last week I asked whether God passed the interrupt test in your life.  Chris Briscoe, a missionary pastor in Korea, made an excellent point in a comment.  If we don't start our day, tuning our ear to listen for His voice, then chances are that the cacophony and confusion of the world will drown out His voice when He does speak.  

We need to start our day focusing on Him, then everything else will fall into its' proper place.

So, before you look at your phone, workout, read your emails, check your texts, get breakfast - go meet with the Savior.  Praise Him, thank Him, offer Him your day, bring your questions to Him, then watch how He moves through you, around you and for you.


Dr. Vance


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