Helping Pastors and Teachers - Survey Results from 1000 People

Apr 04, 2018

First, thank you for the time you gave taking this survey.  I know you are busy, but please know that your input will bless others.  These results are going into a seminar that I am building for pastors, teachers, professors and chaplains around the world. 

This is the second follow up to the survey “What would you tell Pastors and Teachers” and the results have changed quite a bit. 

I asked pastors, teachers, professors, chaplains, and those on staff with a ministry to take the survey.  The first results were when over 500 people had responded to the survey.  Now we have had over 1000 respond and more results keep coming in.

I’d like to give you the results to date.

Question #1          0 = boring, 50 = O.K., 100 = exciting.  The average rating was 54 or O.K.

Question #3 - What is the one thing that pastors/teachers/professors/chaplains must do to be exciting speakers?

This question was fill in,...

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