STOP!! You need Silence!

Mar 10, 2020

STOP!! You need silence! It is essential for your mind, spirit, ministry, and your relationship with God.

How often do we push on because people need us, there are too many meetings, demands, expectations and our days seem never ending until we fall into bed only to get up the next morning and do it all over again?

That may seem like a productive way to use our days, but in reality, not only does our productivity plunge with a schedule like that, but we are essentially telling God that we've got this ministry thing ourselves.  We can handle it.  We have the answers.

The only way to be truly effective is to set time aside.  Time for silence.  Time to listen.  Time to hear the voice of our God calling to us.  Time to worship.  Time to admit we don't have the answers and we are simply servants of the most High God.

If you don't regularly have times like this in your schedule, time to start.  In fact, as soon as I finish writing this, I am going...

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Every GREAT speaker listens to the audience

Oct 18, 2018

Every GREAT speaker LISTENS to the audience - NOT before, NOT after, but DURING their presentation.  Your audience will tell you how to be dynamic, when to change and how to be better.  

So often we take our time preparing, we work hard and like what we see on paper and what we hear when we practice.  The problem is that the presentation is NOT FOR US.  It is for them.  

If you will listen to and watch your audience closely while you present, they will tell you if your message is gripping, dynamic and memorable.  They will also tell you where you have become boring or just plain blown it in your presentation.  

The first thing you must listen for is noise.   Rustling, paper shuffling, feet moving around, shifting in chairs... we've all heard it.  If that noise starts it means that somewhere along the way you have lost the attention of the audience, you are no longer captivating.

The second thing is to watch the eyes of the audience....

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