Three steps to powerful story telling

Dec 05, 2018

We all know that stories engage audiences better than anything else.  If a story is told correctly, people will never forget it and more importantly, they will never forget the truth attached to that story.

But the problem is that most speakers and preachers do it terribly wrong.  Instead of engaging their audience they throw away the opportunity and ruin what could have been a powerful story.

Here are three things you can do that will allow you to engage your audience and begin to fully realize the power of story.

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This 16 year old did 4 things in her presentation that you should do every week!

Nov 07, 2018

She was 16, there were 250 people in the room and she did 4 things that absolutely MESMERIZED THE AUDIENCE. These 4 things you should do every week.

It was just last week. I watched as a 16 year old spoke, following two experienced speakers and the room was restless. They'd been sitting and listening too long.  

I've been in that spot and I wondered what she would do to grab and hold their attention?

She actually did 4 things that kept the entire audience leaning forward, barely moving and at the end, her action step was so powerful it motivated the entire audience.

If we want to be powerful and effective communicators of the Word of God, we should be doing doing exactly what she did every time we speak.

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