Does preparation = impact?

Feb 22, 2020

Often, as we prepare for a presentation, we equate the amount of preparation with the impact of the presentation.  

I was always taught to do the work, put in the preparation, to do the details, plan and if I was willing to work hard enough the results, the impact would reflect the time and work that I had put in.  There is some truth to that.  Clearly, we have a responsibility to do our best with the gifts, abilities and opportunities that God has given.  

At the same time, though it seems pedantic to state this, the results are not up to us, but are in the hands of the Holy Spirit as he moves on the hearts and minds of the listeners.  

So, what insures the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit?  Our humility, prayer, and dependence.  This cannot be something that we simply take for granted.  It must be something that is consciously acknowledged each and every day, and especially as we anticipate sharing the truth of God's...

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Want teens to listen, learn and interact?

May 28, 2019

Here are 3 keys to speak to teens - especially if YOU are "older"!

Let's face it, most of us are older than we want to be.  In fact, my 25 year old son was commenting to me the other day that he didn't know how to communicate to teens the age of my daughter, who is 17.  

So, if you have teens to whom you need to speak, and you want them to sit up, pay attention, listen, remember and be willing to interact when you finish, then these 3 keys are the way to go.


Dr. Vance


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YOUR expectations DETERMINE the outcome for your audience

Oct 09, 2018

So often we spend all our time preparing the content.  We study, work hard, pray and hope for the best.  But that is not how God made us.  God built us so that our expectations directly impact our actions, which radically influence how the audience reacts.

That expectation is called faith.  Faith that there is something greater at work than our own efforts.  Faith that the message that you have prepared is not just for that particular event.  Faith that God has chosen you for just exactly that time, that audience, that location and has given you the truth they need to hear.  

You should enter into every presentation that God gives you with nothing short of believing that God is going to change people, generations and the world with the few simple words you are going to utter.  Not because you are good, but because He is great and His Word is great.

So, enter into every opportunity with sky high expectations, believing that your time with...

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