What's This Site All About?

Have you ever asked yourself...

"How do I share the Word of God so that lives are changed?"
"How can I  become the leader people want to listen to?"
"Why do people seem to forget my presentations before they get to the back door?"
"How can I keep people on the edge of their seats, listening attentively?"
If you have, then you are in the right place.


Here's what to expect

Proven actionable steps that will show you what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

I believe that we were not made to be average or maintain the status quo while sharing with others the most incredible story in all history.  

The fact that God became man, lived with us, died at our hands, rose again, not in condemnation, but to offer us love and eternal life - this is a story that should be the headline of every newspaper on earth.

If we are going to tell God's story, we must do so in such a way that people are transfixed, stunned, excited and spellbound, never able to forget the truths that will change their lives.


You'll find my methods and simple, easy to follow and incredibly effective.

I advocate knowledge of Scripture, a humble dependence on God and passionate presentation that will grip an audience and have them talking about your words for years.

I encourage a unique blend of old school study, hard work and an awareness of how audiences and individuals process truth so that you can convey the Word of God in the most effective way possible.

Do you want to be a powerful effective preacher and teacher?

"Here are the things you need to do so that people will remember you for years... I guarantee It."  Dr. Vance Hardisty

About Renewal International


Renewal International inspires visionary leaders to more effectively live, share and demonstrate the life of Christ.

About Dr. Vance


My parents put me on the stage at the age of 4. 

At 12 I began writing and giving my own presentations

At 15 I was speaking to audiences across the United States and Mexico. 

My mother - an international speaker, best selling author and radio/television personality - trained me.  Though she is no longer alive, her passion and work ethic continue to impact me. 

Opportunities to speak multiplied quickly.  I discovered that content remains the same, but delivery, dress, style, presentation, and story changed to impact each audience. 


As I spoke around the globe, I kept careful track of what worked and what didn’t.  

Each event trained me to gain the skill that I have today - the ability to express thoughts and ideas strongly, persuasively and passionately capturing and holding the attention of people so that audiences cheer, weep and stay on the edge of their seats.


This has led to unbelievable opportunities.  Television, radio, universities and seminaries of China, churches in India, Romania, Mexico and more, churches and schools across America and our military are a few of the doors that have opened. 

Those experiences led to mentoring leaders, training future leaders and writing a best seller, because the ability to communicate effectively impacts every area of life. 

Here's What People Are Saying


"Seldom does a Senior Pastor entrust his teaching time to others outside of his church, but Dr. Hardisty is one of those grand exceptions."                                                          Ray Schwartz, Senior Pastor

"Vance Hardisty is one of the most gifted teachers/communicators I know."

                                                                                                                       Sean Blomquist, Senior Pastor

“Thank you, ... your speech was exactly what was needed to make the event come alive."

                                                                                                 JoAnne Yamamoto, Hawaii National Guard

"He is intelligent, intense, engaging, catalytic, modest and approachable."

                                                                                              Doug Stevens, Director, The Renewal Project

"Vance is a visionary and a vivid and articulate communicator who has a passion for challenging people to accomplish the extraordinary ..."                                  Arend J. ten Pas, Teacher, Berean High School

 "There are few people who can marry passion with articulate and persuasive communication as well as Dr. Vance Hardisty. He takes his audiences on a journey where time passes fast and people are left wanting more.                                                                                                    Jeff Reed, Senior Pastor

 "Vance is a dynamic speaker.  Hearing him, people have a lot of fun and leave feeling good."                                                                                                                                 Mike Lafferty, Principle, Jiloa Consulting

"Vance is a man who lives for Jesus Christ, has a deep understanding of God's word, and has the gift of communicating it effectively."                                               Don Faul, Managing Partner, Mercer & Putney

"The series was so well received that he was asked back to teach it again the following year as the key note speaker.                                                                                                Dr. Randall Andersen, Senior Pastor

"With passion, compassion, creativity, and humor Vance imparts fresh insight into God's Word in a way that transforms lives."                                                                                    Dr. Larry Walkemeyer, Senior Pastor



Do you want to be a powerful effective preacher and teacher?

"Here are the things you need to do so that people will remember you for years... I guarantee It."  Dr. Vance Hardisty


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