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"Do These 3 Things When you Speak and People Will Remember What You Said For Years, I guarantee it."  Dr. Vance Hardisty

Meet Dr. Vance Hardisty

  • Over 45 years public speaking experience
  • 9 countries
  • Coach to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, pastors, leaders
  • Adjunct graduate school and college professor
  • Best selling author
  • Radio co-host
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What People Are Saying


"Vance is dynamic on stage. People sense his integrity and that he cares about them. His speaking is inspiring and life changing. Very powerful!"

Gary Zelesky

Pastor, Speaker, Coach

"Vance, your speaking is inspiring and life changing. Not only do you motivate, but you give practical steps to follow."

Bryan Tracy

Bryan Tracy International

“Fabulous session.  The timing is right for our soldiers, and airman and families.  Thank you.”   

Major General Robert G.F. Lee

Adjutant General, Hawaii National Guard

"Vance is a powerful communicator. His passion and authenticity on stage leave audiences inspired and filled with hope."

James Malinchak

Two Time College Speaker of the Year, Co-Author Chicken Soup For The College Soul

"Seldom does a Senior Pastor entrust his teaching time to others outside of his church, but Dr. Hardisty is one of those grand exceptions!"

Ray Schwartz, Senior Pastor

"Vance Hardisty is one of the most gifted teachers/communicators I know."

Sean Blomquist, Senior Pastor

“Thank you, ... your speech was exactly what was needed to make the event come alive."

JoAnne Yamamoto, Hawaii National Guard

"He is intelligent, intense, engaging, catalytic, modest and approachable."

Doug Stevens, Director,  The Renewal Project

"Vance is a visionary and a vivid and articulate communicator who has a passion for challenging people to accomplish the extraordinary ..."

Arend J. ten Pas, Teacher, Berean High School

"There are few people who can marry passion with articulate and persuasive communication as well as Dr. Vance Hardisty. He takes his audiences on a journey where time passes fast and people are left wanting more."

Jeff Reed, Senior Pastor

"Vance is a dynamic speaker.  Hearing him, people have a lot of fun and leave feeling good."

Mike Lafferty, Principal, Jiloa Consulting

"Vance is a man who lives for Jesus Christ, has a deep understanding of God's word, and has the gift of communicating it effectively."

Don Faul, Managing Partner, Mercer & Putney

"The series was so well received that he was asked back to teach it again the following year as the key note speaker."

Dr. Randall Andersen,  Senior Pastor

"With passion, compassion, creativity, and humor Vance imparts fresh insight into God's Word in a way that transforms lives."

Dr. Larry Walkemeyer, Senior Pastor



Life Can Be Great

How To Live It, Love It And Have An Abundance Of Joy

Frustrated?  Anxious?  Fearful?  Know someone who is?  Tired of how it is impacting your life?  This book can change all of that.  This book will make you a better husband, wife, employee, friend, parent, son or daughter.  You will learn how to:

- Gain strength from the trials you are in

- Turn sorrow into joy

- See problems as opportunities

- Discover the benefit to every negative situation

- Build confidence out of setbacks

- Turn fear into assurance

- Watch tears change to peace

- Understand unanswered prayers

Rainbows In Cobwebs

Stories Of Hope In The Storms Of Life

Like a rainbow, hope whispers, “Look up! I’ll show you the way out of the cobweb of despair…discouragement…frustration.” Bestselling author, Margaret Hardisty, and Dr. Vance Hardisty, join hands with a team of 65 writers who share real-life stories that fascinate, inspire and reveal practical ways to conquer or rise above difficulties.

Laugh, cry and encourage others with these stories! Share them with family and friends. All will be astonished at how these men and women, who have opened their hearts to you, have come through the challenges they’ve faced. They want to help you through tough times so you, too, can step from darkness into light.

Pastors, Teachers  - Yes, I am asking for your email, but this is so worth it! 

"When you Speak or Teach, Do These 3 Things and People Will Remember What You Said For Years, I guarantee it."  Dr. Vance Hardisty


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